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Marmax Computers Home
Marmax Computers Home
Marmax Computers Home
Marmax Computers Home
Six positive effects.

Six positive effects of reusing IT equipment that many companies are unaware of. Companies that choose to reuse their IT-equipment instead of sending it to recycling  are doing a good deed both for the environment and reducing their own IT costs.
But there are many more benefits -according to a swedish research, here is a list with 6 benefits of reusing IT.
1. Practical - An ITAD company retrieves the used equipment. You dont have to ship the products for recycling or ensure the storing of the units.
2. Secure - The IT equipment is data erased and made anonymous in a secure way.
3. Profitable - Financial compensation is paid for the products that can be reused.
4. Environmentally Friendly - By resusing IT equipment you are minimizing green-house gas emissions and saving the Earth's raw materials. Reusing one computer saves 109 kg of Carbon Dioxide.
5. Beneficial for Society - Over 90% of used IT equipment can be re-used.  It allows more companies and individuals to gain access to quality IT equipment that they could not otherwise afford.
6. Strengthens a company's sustainability - Sustainablilty is becoming an increasingly important issue for modern companies.  By reusing IT products, you and your customers a contributing to a more sustainable world and helping to build a circular economy.

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